Loans for Investing?

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  1. Makes sense – if you know you will get a refund and you have the contribution room (and are disciplined enough to pay off the line with your refund) haha

    If I had any extra room this year I’d probably consider this as well – but instead i’ll just use my refund to pay for my Jets season tickets (my yearly tradition of being non frugal, but rewarding myself for my RRSP contributions all year) haha
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  2. For a moment i thought it was about borrowing and investing in speculative stocks. But, what you mentioned makes absolute sense. Hard to counter solid logic. Although, it might not have been a bad idea to borrow and invest in 2013. Should have made me a millionaire by now 🙂
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    • Rob says:

      Hey geek

      Thanks, i like the move. Just hope I dont kick myself for not deploying it earlier today.

      Yeah or taking a loan and putting it all on the eagles winning the superbowl!

  3. Hi Rob, I’m pretty debt averse. I would never take a loan to invest the proceeds. I even paid my mortgage off early rather than deploy the excess funds in my investments. I tend to take the sure thing when its available. Your scenario is different to me and well thought out. Tom
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    • Rob says:

      Hey Tom

      Congrats on paying off your mortgage earlier that’s fantastic! Once all our tax advantaged accounts are maxed, I think I will be focusing on hammering the mortgage down again. Who knows though some cool investment could come up!
      Glad you like the example!

  4. Frankie says:

    I used to think debt was an awesome idea (free money!) – until it burnt me many years ago. It was only a light burn but a great lesson – I don’t think many people truly appreciate the power debt has to hurt you if it goes the wrong way.

    In saying that, what you’re doing sounds pretty sensible. If you had said ‘Margin Loan’ on the other hand, my comments would not have been so nice….
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