January 2018 – Passive Income

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  1. Wow! What a month for you. Congrats again on the birth of your daughter and the passive income generated. Which credit card do you use btw? Looking if there are better options than Tangerine card that I use now.


    • Rob says:

      Thanks again road

      We use the rbc cash back card for simplicity. No fees on the card and since we have our mortgage with them , credit card and investments all our banking service fees are eliminated. I will be looking at getting another card for the wife. What I remember last year was scotia bank offered a huge cash back card. I need to check that out. Ill let you know what i find.

  2. What a spectacular month! You crushed it with that total passive income! What an amazing yoy increase also! I’ll have to follow your investments closer!

  3. Fantastic increase year over year for your dividends. Incredible! Keep it going.

  4. Fantastic increase! Where it will be in a couple of years? Keep it going!
    We also had our baby girl appearance in January. Also holding CU and CNR.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Income

      woot woot! congrats are in order! Hopefully it will be pretty high in couple years. Lets say 25k in 5 years!
      maybe ill look back at this comment in that time.
      all the best

  5. Love you progress mate. Your month on month growth is amazing and you make it happen every month. Congrats!
    dividendgeek recently posted…January 2018 : Investment Portfolio StatusMy Profile

  6. Doug says:

    Awesome job over 1000.00 in passive income is great. Keep it up
    Doug recently posted…Stock giftsMy Profile

  7. Wally says:

    This is awesome Rob! My goal this year is to hit $500 a month in dividend income! Glad to see you’ve done it already!

  8. What a great month! Congrats on your new baby girl! With that wonderful event, I believe you had the best month out of all of us! That is so awesome! And congrats on the great passive income as well! 😀
    My Dividend Dynasty recently posted…January 2018 Dividend IncomeMy Profile

  9. PCI –

    Congratulations on more than just the income. Your baby looks great and healthy, so happy for you and the family. You are doing big things and the income you received was fricken awesome. Keep it up!


  10. John says:

    Wow that is some serious growth! Congrats on the baby too.

  11. Congrats on your baby girl!! And awesome work on the passive income!

    Hope there’s some big, healthy growth from both in 2018!

  12. Investing Pursuits says:

    Congrats on passive income and the growth. Keep it up!!

  13. Rob, Congrats and nice job all the way around. How was the https conversion? I need to do the same. Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Work, Save, Invest, Build Wealth, but Never RetireMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      Hey tom thanks

      As for the conversion i just utubed it. Basicly setup a free account with cloudflare and sifn up for certificate wait for 24 hours and then get a ssl plugin. It was easy i just thought it was setup before 24 hours and kept getting frusterated. 24hrs later it worked perfect! Good luck

  14. Congrats on your new born daughter! And amazing YOY increase with your dividend income, Rob! Sounds like 2018 is off to the perfect start. I haven’t posted my income for January yet, but it will definitely be an improvement over last quarter. Looking forward to your progress over the year.
    Reverse The Crush recently posted…Why the Education System should make Financial Education a PriorityMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      Hey Graham.
      Thanks, yeah definately a great start to the year. And now we get blessed with this pullback! Look forward to your income report, always love reading them!

  15. Congratulations on the baby! Must feel awesome to make money without even leaving her side. That’s the dream right there, build that stream so leaving her becomes a choice not a chore
    Evan @ MyJourneytoMillions recently posted…February 2018 Net Worth UpdateMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      Hey Evan

      Welcome! Thanks alot.
      You are right that is the dream. Do what I want whenever I want, give lots and leave something for the kids too!


  16. Jimmy says:

    Truly amazing growth, at this rate you will be able to quit your job early then expected I bet, keep it up 🙂

    • Rob says:

      Hey Jimmy!

      Thanks man, and welcome!

      Maybe semi retirement… I can only cruise the world for soooo long before I get bored and want to go home!

  17. MrSLM says:

    WOW congrats on your baby daughter! I actually really enjoy the next few months, when they’re so tiny and sleep most of the day lol!
    MrSLM recently posted…Financial Update – January 2018My Profile

    • Rob says:

      Haha its funny you say that…. i looked forward to that and missed it with our son…. Now that shes at that stage its just changing diapers watching her sleep wife breastfeed, change more diapers etc!
      I look forward to when i can bottle feed her.

  18. Mark says:

    Great work Rob! 🙂

  19. Hi, Rob. That’s some awesome progress on that chart… the YoY growth is amazing. Keep it up. Most importantly, congrats on the new addition to your family.
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Engineering Dividends recently posted…Monthly Options Income (Feb. 2018)My Profile

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