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  1. Nowadays almost all credit cards offer some sort of credit score monitoring services. Not to mention after Equifax breach I pretty much froze all my credit scores. Definitely needs to be monitored 🙂
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  2. Hi Rob, Thankfully, no recent problems here. I do try to check on our credit reports periodically, just in case something unusual comes up. Thanks for the post. Tom
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  3. Something somewhat similar happened to me a few months ago….we bought a new house, and our mortgage broker had to run a credit report on me….naturally I wasn’t worried because I’ve never had any issues and always had a good credit score….she called me back and asked if I still owned some retail property (i’ve never owned a retail property). Apparently RBC had my home address as their retail branch for some weird reason – and it was showing that I owed money on the building…it was a really weird situation. Everything was cleared up and we got the mortgage/house – but crazy how some of these things happen – and you’d never know without checking…

  4. Frankie says:

    I found a great new site in Australia last year that allows us to check credit scores for free – and I got quite a shock when I first signed up! I had just been applying for new credit cards like crazy for all the bonus travel points, which I now know has a big negative impact on your score…

    • Rob says:

      Yeah that definately hurts. I always wonder how all these travel hackers credit is. 10 cards open doesnt sound good at all.

      Ahh well a good learning lesson.
      Cheers Frankie!

  5. Leo T. Ly says:

    I often inquire about financial products at the bank a couple times a year. To ensure that they treat me like a VIP client, I pay very close attention to my credit score and report. The better your credit score and report looks, the better the chances you’ll have to save more money or being offered a better product.

    It definitely pays to keep a pristine credit history.
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  6. Rob, I check my credit score and report on a weekly basis. I use credit karma, which provides two scores and updates it weekly. I also check my FICO score through my bank on a monthly basis. I watch my score like a hawk because I want to buy a house later this year, and want to ensure that I maintain my good credit. I think it’s important for folks to check there credit report regularly, although I admit, doing so weekly might be a bit too much for the average person.

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