Why You Should Have A Dream Board

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  1. Frankie says:

    Fantastic idea! Never heard of this before, but I could definitely have fun with something like this! For some reason written goals just don’t really do it for me…

    Pics of Hawaii would definitely be on mine too – particularly some of their beautiful golf courses 🙂

    • Hey Frankie
      I enjoy ours and definitely think its “funner” than a list of stuff to do. A picture says a million words right? Maybe mini golf for me, never been a huge fan of the bunkers when golfing =)


  2. Haven’t really heard of this before PCI, but I guess it makes sense. Honestly, I visit my blog everyday and that helps me stay motivated. So, in a way, it’s kind of my dream board, but I guess that’s cheating! I’m in support of whatever makes people motivated to stick to their goals. With that said, you got to get back to the gym! Don’t think about it. Just go.
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    • Haha thanks port. Did my upper body on tuesday before hockey. Abs yesterday and then ice hockey. Today my triceps are screaming at me, since its been so long. So i took today off. Ahhh well im looking better in the mirror already! The ice is broken. Time to feel the burn.

  3. PCI, I don’t exactly have a physical board, but I do have a vision of the future in my head. It often includes things that do come to reality several years out. I’ve just always had it in my head and it works for me. Tom
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  4. GYM says:

    You know where I first saw dream boards? I saw it at a Lululemon store!

    That’s a good idea, I usually just write things out though but a nice picture would be nice. That would be a fun project to create on Canva or something like that.

    • Rob says:

      haha That’s crazy. Well it must be working for them. Always super busy. Never heard of Canva, interesting! I seriously am going to look into this. Thanks

  5. I am happy I stumbled upon this blog. I want to do a vision board for my children and was looking at ideas. Thanks.
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