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  1. Hi, Canadian friend. Thank you for showing us your interesting purchases. you’re still one of my favorite blogs from my long list

  2. Wally says:


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these stocks! I have held Fortis for over a year now and it has done great and paid a nice dividend. But not you got me thinking about Canadian Utility…..hmmmn? Keep up the good work with the blog. I’ve started to work on one slowly too! Lots of work to do, but lots of fun too! šŸ™‚


  3. Mark says:

    Happy to own a few hundred shares of FTS and CU. Both DRIPing away until I need the cash.

    Dumping H was a good call in favour of these stocks. Don’t forget EMA and AQN for juicy dividends. AQN should raise their dividend again soon!!


  4. Frankie says:

    Both sound like decent business with fair valuations and good yields – sounds like you couldn’t go too wrong either way. That yield on Canadian Utility of nearly 4.4% sounds great though – do you guys get a partial imputation benefit on all dividends in Canada? Does that yield take that into account?
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  5. Jordan says:

    I’ve owned AQN for a while now- once I dump my mutual funds and buy individual stocks ill look at adding either FTS or CU(or maybe both).
    I dont think you can really go wrong with either of them. Good buy !

  6. Cris says:

    Indeed Hydro One’s fundamentals are getting worse and the political factor has to be considered, special with Liberals in power. Better to work for Hydro One then to be an investor.

    Last weekend (today I updated my spread) I analyzed most of the utilities and here are my results:

    Stock Price 1 y Change % 1 y Ttl Return % 5 y Ttl Return% Dividend Yield % P/E P/B Debt/ Equity BV & Div value Expected return DCF value DCF expected return Average value Average expected return %
    ACO 43.86 -4.15 -1.29 3.14 3.43 17.2 0.69 1.22 66 6.80% 25 6.90% 45.5 6.85
    ALA 29.03 -10.48 -3.96 2.29 7.54 61.77 1.48 0.78 26 1.40% 11 5.60% 18.5 3.5
    AQN 13.75 21.79 26.93 16.98 4.22 27.5 1.56 1.23 11.7 0.80% 13.2 9.80% 12.45 5.3
    CU 35.56 -4.95 -0.96 2.18 4.42 17.43 1.91 1.76 35.8 2.60% 30 9.00% 32.9 5.8
    EMA 46.12 0.28 4.92 8.75 4.9 17.21 1.65 2.27 63.3 5.90% 54.5 11.00% 58.9 8.45
    ENB 49.5 -13.94 -9.73 5.72 5.45 25.13 1.32 0.96 108 10.60% 22.3 6.50% 65.15 8.55
    FTS 43.84 -4.92 10.16 8.1 3.88 17.61 1.2 1.28 61.6 6.10% 42.1 9.80% 51.85 7.95
    H 21.92 -9.57 -5.98 N/A 4.01 20.49 1.33 1.18 18 2.00% 15.7 7.50% 16.85 4.75
    TRP 59.82 -4.33 -0.34 7.56 4.18 29.61 2.34 1.66 40.4 0.20% 20.4 5.50% 30.4 2.85
    VNR 22.19 6.68 12.16 11.53 5.23 15.74 1.11 0.14 51 11.00% 22 10.00% 36.5 10.5

    Hope that the info can be read…

    Here are my opinions:
    -If you do not own Enbridge, I will still consider buying at this level
    -All the big utility stock should be considered but my preference goes for Fortis, Emera, CU, ATCO… in this order
    -Also, I will consider Valener and Tidewater from the small players.
    I own a few utilities (AQN, FTS, ENB, EMA, BEP, TWM), and thinking adding to Fortis, and adding to either CU or ATCO (ATCO is around half of CU)
    Also, I own Tidewater (is not in the list) and if Valener is getting close to $20 I will buy it.

    As a conclusion, many of the utilities seems to be in a good position to get in… I was looking to buy an Utility ETF but all have a high MER, which I don’t like.

    • Hey cris. Nice breakdown, its hard to read yeah. But it can be done! Enbridge is a energy stock isnt it? Its classified that for me. Either way if it wasnt my biggest holding i would be adding to them. Im a big fan. Never heard of tidewater before.

      Thanks again for your wisdom.

  7. May says:

    I have also bought some utility stocks recently. aqn, aco.x, fts and ema. I already have some cu, maybe adding more.

  8. PCI, I think portfolio re-engineering like this is a good activity. One can accomplish a lot: increase yield, increase dividend growth rate, consolidate positions, reduce risk, etc. Good thinking and good work. Tom
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  9. Pellrider says:

    Funny that I also bought CU this month. You are doing a great job in studying the stocks. I was always reluctant to buy H because of the politics.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Pell sounds like a good buy on your part… ahhh i could be better. Ive taken a beating on corus entertainment lately. Lomg term ill be ok though!

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