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  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    Currently, I don’t own this stock but I do own Teck Resources. Commodity stocks had been quite volatile for the last couple of years and I think that it’s a little bit too volatile for me. I am looking to sell most of my commodities stocked in a few years.
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    • Well if you got teck when it was like 2-4 bucks you did awesome. I remember looking at it and thinking coal is dead. Less than a yr later the stock skyrocketed. Heres hoping Tahoe will do the same. Precious metals hasnt had the rebound alot of metals have. Hopefully its their time!

  2. Cris says:

    I own Tahoe and I am also confident that will recover. Initially I was looking to buy the stock when the price was around $10 but the issue in Guatemala affected the price and I got in a few times for an average of ~$6. I sold half of my position at $7.90 and I keep the other half (250 shares) for a better recovery.
    I am not a fan of investing in mining/gold but still i consider a good idea to have a little invested as a leverage or when the investment seems to be a good deal.
    Time will say if is a good investment.
    Additional to this stock I own Goldcorp, Aliogold and gold ETF.

    • Hey Cris. Like i said I think the mine will come back online. So here’s hoping it gos up. Goldcorp has looked good too. Just in thod high market im trying to bottow dwell a bit lol. Maybe its a bad move, if it is it will be a learning experience either way.

  3. Cris says:

    It is getting hard to find good investments these days as almost all shares are up.
    Anyway, the utilities and telecommunications seems to go lower which is a good opportunity for me. I already have a few price targets to buy and I am looking to the following companies:
    ATCO, Fortis, Emera , CU and Valener, Telus and Shaw, (I own Bell already).
    I know that they are sensible to the rate increase but I prefer to go for a more safe stock as a correction might come to the market.

    • Great points. I have seriously been debating putting money in fortis on the pullback. (Might wait on rate announcememt though) My basic materials sector needs some work now though. The longer i invest though the more i realize long term dividend growth stocks are the way to go and fortis would be a great addition!

  4. Jan Zac says:

    Hello ,

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    Jan Zac

    • Hey Jan Zac, welcome. Always nice seeing a new face. I saw your site, looks nice. Best of luck with it! I haven’t spent a cent on ads to be honest. Seo is pretty important as it improves your ranks in google search. I use yoast seo plugin. Hope that helps. Most of my views are from people book marking the site and coming back, search engines, social media and from commenting on other blogs. The community aspect is huge and will benefit you in numerous ways if your active. Right now I dont see a blogroll or anything on your site. If you want to add mine, I’ll gladly add yours. Yes it would help seo any link backs to your site help!
      Congrats on taking the first step of starting, wish you all the best.

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