2018 Goals Audit

2018 Goals Audit2018 Goals Audit

Hello! First off I want to apologize for being somewhat inconsistent on my posting. The landscape season is now full swing and the hockey playoffs are on. Both keep me really busy at the moment, but I hate excuses. The only people who care for excuses are the people making them, I will try to be more consistent again. That being said, on to the Audit.

Its now the beginning of May so we are a third of the year complete. Its time to look back at the goals we set at the beginning of the year and see how we are doing and where we really need to step up our game. I know before really looking at them there are some I really Sh!t the bed and failed miserably at. Its time to up my game, there’s only 8 months left to the year.

Overall I have 2 different pages showing my goals. One is a broad goal page of stuff I would eventually like to do and a rough timeline to complete them in. I also have my 2018 game plan, this is my goals that I really want to complete in 2018. This post will be focusing more on these goals.

I broke those goals down in different sectors. So lets get at it!

  • Create A Will – FAIL…….. I said we would do this after the birth of our daughter. That was 3 months ago. Death is certain and this is something we must do.
  • Hit The Weights – FAIL……. My goal was to workout 2-3 times a week. Honestly I became a bum this winter. I wrote about how I took the whole winter off. I did this for the first time ever to help around the house and be here for our newborn daughter. It was great and all but I seriously fell into a slump. I had all the time in the world but no real drive to get things done. The gym is in the garage and the garage was cold, excuses I told myself….. I maybe worked out once a week. Now that I’m back to work I already find myself more productive and will step this up.
  • Diet – Pass This was added pretty recently but I think I’m doing great. I just wanted to start reducing my carb intake and eat more vegetables. Normally at work I eat like 3-4 sandwiches and some fruit. I have switched that to a spinach salad with a bunch of cheese, mushrooms, snap peas, tomato’s and some type of meat and if I go all out hard boiled eggs. No salad dressing. Surprisingly this actually is really appetizing, and will probably help turn my single ab into a couple?
  • 10,000 Page Views In a Month – In Progress…… This one I don’t feel bad about at all. I knew this one would take some time and the progress keeps improving. Last month the site had over 6,000 views. The beginning of the month brought in over 1000 views in like 3 days.
  • Dividend Growth – Pass I wanted to cut a couple positions in the portfolio and focus on better dividend growth companies. I have sold a couple positions I had and used the proceeds to fatten up existing dividend growth stocks.
  • Start Budgeting – FAIL With the wife on maternity leave I wanted to start doing budgets again to manage our money. I didn’t for the first 2 months and honestly don’t see myself doing them. With the wife on mat leave I thought money would be tight but certain expenses such as daycare and gas etc go down as well. Its not as bad as I thought. I will remove this from the goals list. I’m so hooked to investing that saving is easy. I don’t care to cut every single cent that I can as long as we continue to save a nice chunk of money. Me and the wife are on the same page and when money starts to look a little tighter we hit the brakes and realign ourselves.
  • Bump Passive Income Up – In Progress My goal is to generate $15,000 in passive income this year. We have been investing a lot into the market but also have been buying some lower yielding companies (disney and cnr). Long term this will be a great move but a higher yield would increase our chances at hitting this goal. So far we have brought in $4242.91 so we are a little behind but the solar panels should excel during the summer.
  • Start a RESP for our daughter – Pass I set this up a couple weeks ago, but took a bit to finalize. We elected to combine our 2 kids resp accounts into a family account. I actually just deposited our first $500 into her resp. 
  • Fix Credit Report – Pass – We bought this house 2 years ago and sold our old house. At the beginning of the year I noticed our old house was still on our credit report. A couple calls and a picture got it fixed pretty quickly. Easy Fix. Make sure you check your credit every once in awhile…

  • 10% increase in Salary – Fail Working for family can have its benefits and drawbacks. I failed to a get a 10% raise but got a 5% raise and we always do year end bonuses so there’s still hope…
  • Finish the Vegetable Garden – In Progress Ideally this would be done. Unfortunately this year has been a horse of a different color. We got hit with a massive ice storm mid April and set everything way back. I was finally able to clean up the yard and cut it last week. Today a super wind storm hit, and snapped a fence post taking 2 fence sections down with it. Looks like that will be priority first. I think I will stay home May long weekend and try to knock these projects out. It will be done though, I love me my fresh veggies.

Well that concludes my first 2018 goals Audit. 11 Goals total. 4 have been completed or passed, 4 failed so far and 3 are still in progress. Overall I feel pretty good about the results. The working out one really grinds my gears, its so easy to do. Just got to develop the habit and get back into the grove. I miss standing at the mirror flexing, for a unjustified amount of time……. Haha

How are you doing with your goals?


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  1. dividendgeek says:

    I would give you a A+ mate. Achieving goals is secondary … having goals is the first step. Very nice goals you have there. After seeing your 3 month performance I thought your dividend goal should be a cakewalk 🙂 Good job starting RESP account for you kinds. Nicely done overall sir.

  2. Very nice and a great set of broad goals. Things are well on track for another great year in the making, PCI.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing


  3. May says:

    Congrats on your 5% salary raise. I got only inflation par raises for last few years. DH didn’t get any at all for a few years. Also looks like I will not get any bonus this year. 🙁 But we are in pre retire phase, so I guess it’s not unusual.

    My goal this year is fully invest all my cash. Due to market condition and my fear, quite far to complete that.

    • Rob says:

      Hey May

      I hear ya. I have some cash that i want to deploy but want to keep some on a pullback. Certain stocks offer decent value now though. Ie bell its down over 10% since the start of the yr.

      Good luck on your goal

  4. p2035 says:

    Love your goals. Prity similar to what im doing 🙂 Also trying to lose some 5kg. Im into running and exercises with your own body weight pushup, pullups ect. Diet… hmm this is something to consider 🙂 One thing that im a bit ahead of you is budgeting, but most importabt result of budgeting is to control you expenses. Budgeting did not help up there 🙁 Also very important figure at budgeting – saving rate. Actualy the total figure how much you earn, spend and save is not that important for reaching FI. Is the percentage of saving and investing that matter 🙂

    Ou and nice to see another young dad info dividend investing. Some say DGI is only for sole persons. That its not for family people. We are here to prove them wrong 😉

    • Rob says:

      Hey P

      Cool that our goals are so similiar.

      Interesting that dgi isnt for family people. Never heard that before, whats the reason for that?

      The budgeting definately has a tonne of advantages. I could definitely improve our savings rate but I dont really believe in cutting our lives to achieve fi sooner. We are investing quite a bit each month already.

      Cheers project!

  5. Looks like you are really busy Rob. Both with goals and landscaping season. That spinach salad does look really good. I need to lose 5 pounds of winter weight as well. Tom

  6. Leo T. Ly says:

    It’s great to do a goal audit once or twice a year. Great job for setting up the family RESP account and make your first deposit. I am about a third of the way there for my two kid’s RESP contributions. If we max out the government grant, that’s the time that I will stop contributing.

    Oh yeah, stop making excuses and just hit the gym. It’s steps away from where you live.

    • Rob says:

      Haha there it is. Knew someone would call me out on it!

      I curled some beer cans pretty hard this weekend. Feel the burn!

      Nice work Leo, keep it up

  7. “Death is certain”

    I love the optimism of this post…haha

    We have a lot of the same goals this year …I think you are beating me on most of them..good stuff.

    I just deposited the first 250 into the family joint RESP as well!

    Keep up the great work & Go Jets Go!

    • Rob says:

      Haha maybe it will be a good death…..

      Nice deposit! Get ready for that free money.

      Go jets

  8. Jim says:

    Make your goal for this week to get your will in order. If you die without a will your family will be f*cked. You don’t want that. Next, make sure you have life insurance to replace your income if tragedy strikes. You want your wife and daughter to be ok if you are not there. Nothing else is as important.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Jim

      Great points i should get on it.

      Me and the wife both have lofe insurance. In fact both payments came out this week…


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