2018 Game Plan

2018 Game Plan

2018 Game Plan

Good Morning, another wonderful day in paradise.

A couple months ago I created a general list of goals I want to do. This is our 2018 Game Plan. I think by creating a list and posting them online it creates a stronger will to achieve them. I’m going to do something different this time and write it down as well and place it on my dream board. This way I will see the list daily and re-establish that connection to fulfill them.

The financial goals may not seem massive this year but with the wife on maternity leave this whole year our finances are going to be drastically different. She still hasn’t even gotten one payment, so I don’t know what kind of money we are looking at yet.


Here are my Goals for 2018. Time to go green and hulk smash them!
  • Create A Will – Death is certain. Sadly me and the wife still haven’t made a will. We made excuses, the last one being we will do it once our daughter comes. Well she’s here. No More Excuses! Lawyer up and get er done….
  • Hit The Weights – I have slowly evolved into that dad bod. Its not bad, one solid Ab vs 6 small ones! Whenever the landscape season ends, the body doesn’t work as hard and eats more junk food. I have a good gym in the garage. It’s time to pump up. My body is aiiggghhht, just ain’t tight.=) 2-3 days per week.
  • Diet – Eat better and less crap
  • 10,000 Page Views – Loving the website. It has done so much for me and hopefully some of you. Traffic is like that little pat on the back, your doing a good job. Generally the viewers are increasing month over month (Thanks!). I’d love to achieve at least one month with 10,000 page views in a month. Yes even if its my wife just hitting refresh on the page. (If this works) I hope to achieve this by continuing to post twice a week, and improving my social media game.

  • Dividend Growth – This is probably my number one goal. Focus on buying solid dividend growth stocks. Aristocrats, Kings etc. Buy companies with a solid track record of raising dividends. Set it and Forget it, kinda stocks.
  • Start Budgeting – I haven’t done a monthly budget in a couple years now. With the wife on mat leave, we want to maximize every dollar once again. This will be great to get back into the habit of doing. Start Feb 1st.
  • Bump Passive Income up – Our current passive income yearly is $13,619. Id like to get $15,000 this year. This would require additional investments or drips totaling $27,620 at a 5% rate of return. I don’t even know what the wife’s income will be, but our finances will be different this year. This increase will come from dividend raises, new capital into the market and drips.
  • Start a RESP for our newborn Daughter – Education is only going to get more expensive in the future. The government will even give us a 20% bonus to start saving. Might as well, I love free money! Easy to do, just go into the bank and sign some forms.
  • 10% increase in Salary – I’d like to get a increase in my salary of at least 10%. Work harder and do more quotes. I should talk about this before season begins in April.

  • Finish Vegetable Garden – When we first moved here we planted a bunch of vegetable’s at the side of the house. It was great. Last year we didn’t as the place was a construction zone. (new siding) I started building raised garden beds in the fall. Time to finish them up, add soil and establish a drip watering system.

Well that concludes our 2018 game plan. It’s great to have something to aim for. My other goals post is more general and long term. Feel free to check it out here. Wish you all the best in 2018. As my wife says….. Dreams, Love and Laughter



Finished Goals
  • Fix Credit Report – I have a great credit score, but I noticed something last night. My very first house with First National never gotten taken off my credit report. Annoying since I transferred that mortgage to another when we sold/bought bigger house with First National. I’m going to call them today. Hopefully this is a Easy process. Never had to dispute anything before. *rbc offers a free credit report when you log into your account* (I never knew this until last night)
    • Finished this goal January 29, was pretty easy just a couple phone calls and a picture.

20 Responses

  1. Great game plan for 2018! You set great personal and financial goals for the year. And you topped it off with a nice vegetable garden! Look foward to following your journey in 2018! And congrats on the new baby! 😀

  2. Leo T. Ly says:

    It’s a great goal to do some gardening. It helps you save money and the produce tastes great. I have been slacking a bit in recent years so this year I am determined to produce some apples and cherries from my trees. I also have to make good use of my planter boxes too.

    • Couldnt agree more. Sadly a monster cherry tree died the spring we got the property. I planted a new apple tree. That will take a couple years to fruit though. My son loves gardening and picking all the tomatoes. Didnt have much luck with peppers but going to try a different spot this year. All the best.

  3. dividendgeek says:

    Looks like a good plan PCI. Will check in as the year progresses 🙂

  4. Jordan says:

    Looks like we have a lot of the same goals this year! Hopefully we can both smash em.

    I’m also planning on:
    Getting a will done, increasing dividend income, increasing web traffic & starting a garden out at the cabin!

    Also been thinking of starting up an RESP as well for my kids this year

  5. Hey PCI,

    nice goals!! – i like that you grouped them into sectors, that will make it easier to have an overview. Your annual dividend income is great! Even if your combined family income is a little reduced this year, you’ll make huge steps towards your goals. Keep it up!

    All the best for you, your daughter and family!

    Greets from Germany,

  6. Pellrider says:

    Great goals! Since the minimum wage increased, you should ask your customers to pay more too.

  7. Awesome game plan PCI. I’m a huge fan of having a will. I made one some time ago and now my mom has it stored for me. I’m trying to convince my mom to do one but she’s a bit stubborn. That’s an important document to have. You may also want to consider a health care power of attorney and a living will as well. Good luck on your goals and I’m definitely looking forward to following your progress in 2018.

  8. Love the game plan, you have set some very good goals for 2018. I believe you can achieve these. Congrats on the new addition to your family.

  9. German says:

    Nice set of personal and financial goals. Maternity pay should be almost the same as the pay check, because when they pay for maternity, half of the deductions are not taken. I guess it all depends where your wife worked and what kind of deductions she had. When my wife was on mat leave, her pay was 70% off her salary, but the net amount almost came out to the same thing. You will know when the first payment comes in.

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