Hundred bucks in a half hour

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  1. Congrats mate! We could not install solar panels (condo rules). In my state National Grid is a monopoly. We have no option but to pay the price they demand. Similarly, Cox is a monopoly. It’s not always possible to negotiate better rates :-(.
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    • Hey geek yeah monopolys suck. We used to live in condos i was trying to sell them on installing solar so they wouldnt hike our rates every year to no avail. Thats condos….. thanks tho look forward to them being all hooked up.

  2. You had me hooked with the title of this article! You’re right, $100 makes a huge difference. There isn’t a dollar amount that is too small and it all adds up in the long run. That is a bummer that your insurance company just kicked you to the curb like that…..not cool at all. But it is a nice forced opportunity to shop your insurance around and find the best deal possible. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to be able to save here.


  3. Leo T. Ly says:

    These are all great tricks. I gotta try the hot water tank buyout as I also rent mine. I love saving money, but this is not something that I do very often or have been trying. Enjoy the weekend without the kid. I have gone six years plus with my kids and they are still with me. Can’t get rid of them yet.
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    • Hey leo
      Great to hear your going to use these tips. 6 years without a weekend off. Dam. Lol its nice and quiet and relaxing here now. We got lucky my parents offered to watch him all weekend. Looking forward to seeing him later though!

  4. Great tips on saving money PCI. It sucks about your panels, but hopefully you can find a better insurance company soon. Ultimately, if there are easy and/or painless ways to cut costs or to save money, I’m all for it.
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  5. WOW you pay a lot of money for the water tank. I also rent out mine, but I pay $11 per month and the company change it for free when my building insurance says so.
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