Richie Bros Auctions

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  1. Congrats it’s always good to buy on a dip. Very good dividend growth from this company. Good job looking forward to hearing how you make out with this investment in the future.

  2. May says:

    RBA does not have a drip plan. So you can not drip it.

    • Haha oh my god. I didnt even know. That sucks. Thanks May!

      • Good buy. Since, you bought it through a broker you would be able to drip it as the brokerage should buy the whole shares on the open market and not through the transfer agent. That is what Questrade does. In other words, you are buying shares with dividends automatically and the brokerage doesn’t charge a commission.

        With Questrade, they drip discount that some companies have with their DRIP programs, is not passed on to the investor. Most brokerages pass on the drip discount to the investor such as TD Waterhouse.

  3. PCI –

    Very interesting and may I ask – how the heck did you stumble into this company???


    • Hey Lanny being in the landscape business I have been to 1-2 of their auctions. I watch the tv show from time to time. They are a massive auction company. When i look at canadian dividend aristocrats they are not to far from the top since we dont have companies with as long dividend history as the u.s.

  4. Grats on the purchase PCI. It’s always good when you can purchase a stock at a discount price. Plus, I love the quote at the end about how are a ripple goes. Classic.
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  5. Pellrider says:

    Good for everybody that you stumbled on to this company. I was not going to know about this if it wasn’t for your article. Good job in making small ripples and hope, it will be larger soon.

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