Forget about C.p.p and Oas

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  1. May says:

    I think it would outrageous if the government stops to pay cop as that’s basically our own money so I think the chance is low. But oas is a completely different story.

    But the government could change the rules to make people retire later. Maybe the new retirement age will be 67 or even older.

    Anyway, it’s safer to plan retirement without including any government funding, I agree with you.

    • Lots of companies have cutoff their pension plans after people have contributed for their whole careers. Sure they get something but not exactly what they planned. What you mention about a higher retirement age i definally can see happening. I dont hope it happens but am planning our retirement without that income is all.

  2. Steve says:

    Yet, refugees still get WAY more then seniors that have contributed to this great country.. I don’t care how many good humanitarian deeds Canada offers unless they can take care of our own citizens first.

  3. It’s insane. My states pension plan is seriously underfunded. I don’t blame the pensioners, it is no fault of theirs. Never should we over promise and under deliver. While funding pensions, a 10% ROI was assumed! Thereby reducing the initial funding requirement. Same story across the entire US. This can be resolved by being honest and open. Refugees are an entirely different story. Frankly, I think they have more privileges than citizens.
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    • Yeah a nice transparent system would be ideal. Voting on issues or projects via the internet would be easy to do. Although that could easily become corrupt. Im actually reading a rich dad book and he mentions how the system is designed to not educate the masses about finances etc or they would question what is going on… makes alot of sense. Immigrants and refugees are another story. Legaly it takes alot to come into Canada but when people were illegally crossing to the border to move here we welcomed them with open arms. The media was even boosting about it….. Again a whole different article.

  4. To me, the whole pension plan is a pyramid scheme. The structure is simply unsustainable. We don’t contribute enough into pension fund, and people’s lifespan is getting longer and longer. So when I plan my retirement, I don’t count the money that I will be getting from the government support. The biggest chunk of cash will come from dividends and probably from rental property. Rental properties is something I’m considering in the future.

    • Hey income. Yeah its a great point that everyone is living longer and longer when the system was created we didnt live this long. Sounds like you got a plan. I’ll keep working on our income sources before retirement.

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