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  1. A couple of nice purchases there. I have been watching BMO as well. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Ted says:

    Like yourself I enjoy trying to get stocks over the Dividend- DRIP line. Monthly payers are always fun to watch. Does RBC offer the discount on purchased DRIP shares or is it the market price on day of?

  3. Jay says:

    Nice work! Thanks for the update. I love the set-it-and-forget-it nature of the DRIP approach. It’s so nice to have those dividends come in on autopilot! Have a great weekend.
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  4. I’m a huge fan of DRIPs PCI and it’s great when you can even purchase stock at a discount. That was a huge purchase you made, and those 211 shares will compound in their growth to produce not just dividends, but even more shares as the months and years go by.
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  5. PCI –

    So much added income.. my stomach can barely take it! Congrats, two great companies, no doubt!


  6. I currently own 200 shares of SJR.B. The stock has gone sideways as their dividend was last raised in February or March of 2015. They acquired Wind Mobile which they now call Freedom Mobile. So this will help their bottom line in the coming quarters. Shaw and Roger’s had Shomi as a joint venture trying to compete with Netflix. Shomi never took off, so Shaw and Roger’s ended the service in Nov 2016 and took writedowns . Rogers, own 200 shares, has not increased their dividend in over 2 years either.

    So hopefully Rogers and Shaw will give dividend increases in the coming months.

  7. Pellrider says:

    I like DRIPs . Right now i have only AQN to DRIP. Working on other ones too.

  8. Leo T. Ly says:

    I did give the DRIP some consideration when I first started investing. However, as my portfolio grew, I prefer to pool all my dividends that I collected to purchase new stocks. This is sort of my way of timing the market with additional money that I have. It also allowed me to invest regularly too.
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  9. Personal Alpha Investments says:

    Shaw is one of my fav telecom stocks on my radar. It pays to be different than the market..
    If I am not mistaken, its huge in the West Coast.
    I haven’t bought enough stocks to realize the DRIP, this is one aspect that I would be looking to work on.

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