Contracts for Difference

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  1. John R says:

    From my armchair …This is way too complicated for the average novice investor, even more so than options. Compare its basics to Forex trading

    CFD’s are not for the faint of heart. If going down this road, know what you are getting into, you need a margin account, nerves of steel & money to lose.

    That said, yes of course I would do it. For me it would be the VIX leveraged & inverse (short term) ETF’s. Not quite the same as Forex trading, but along the same lines, more a diverse choices over currency FX trading.

    Bitcoin has recently started it’s off-spin Bit currency in the past week. A 30% gain is not bad.

    So which kind of investor or trader are you?

    Anything listed on the TSX, NY, global exchanges – are you simply a buy & hold, DGI, options, Forex (pips) or CFD’s?

    The big guys that play with other peoples money have nothing to lose. A hedge fund wins purely on the fees it makes from its clients that can be as much as 20%

    A brokerage makes money from folks that win or lose investing

    Money is a zero-sum game

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