A solid Resp stock – Hydro One

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  1. Hey PCI,

    I’m not familiar with Hydro One (because Germany is far away;-) ), but it seems like a good move. 3,9% yield is solid and 172$ for the year sounds great! …Utilities are usually reliable income stocks and i plan on adding in that department. As of right now i own only some shares of Southern Co, but Consolidated Edison is on my watchlist. And i’ll take a look into Canadian stocks…


  2. John R says:

    simple answer yes

    Compare it to Bell Canada & I qualify that with a real story of this little old lady I met in the early 2000’s the MIL of a guy that I worked with

    In 1947 when she got married her Dad gave her 100 shares of the old Bell Canada. She told me the stock was around $25/share.

    From 1947 till 2002 the stock had split several times along the way the 100 shares became approx 4900 shares. All through those years Bell, then Northern Telecom to Bell Aliant & what is now BCE.

    The old gal passed away in 2010 & the stocks passed onto her now 70 year old daughter

    So lets take as its now called BCE close to $60/share, pays approx $2.80/share x 5000 = $14,000 in dividends from that original 100 shares in 1947.

    Is Hydro one here to stay – well of course it is.

    Good investment

  3. PCI, I’m also not familiar with that stock, but as you know, I’m a huge fan of increasing the accumulation of as much shares as possible in stocks that pay dividends. Good luck on the purchase.
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  4. John R says:

    aren’t you pleased that you bought back into Hydro one?

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