April 2017 – Stock Picks

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  1. Hola, I had a question for you. I was comparing S&P/TSX Composite index versus S&P 500 index and it seems TSX has trailed S&P 500 considerably.

    I understand the importance of income … but are you not missing out a lot on growth? Why not invest in CAD hedged S&P500 ETFs? Sorry for the newbie question.

    Google finance: http://tinyurl.com/mxqch6s
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    • Hey geek. You are right. I have been looking into etf but hate their dividends. I would rather buy the us company itself, altho with current exchange rates it’s not worth it. Maybe it’s market timing but I feel with markets at all time highs I Don’t want to buy a basket of companies. I rather find ones that have a good bargain. Great point though just waiting for a good opportunity. Like I have always said I’m not a expert and appreciate everyone’s points.

  2. Currently, I am more interested in the stable and non cyclical companies like ALA, ENF and IPL. They all pay a very decent yield and have been increasing their dividends. Boring companies that pay you a good dividend and they continue to increase it every year is great to own.
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  3. These both look like really interesting ideas. I’d probably personally lean towards Potash only because I feel like people are trending towards fresh seafood over frozen. But that’s just a personal observation vs. any hard numbers.

  4. DivHut says:

    I looked at POT a long, long time ago but never invested in that name. Fertilizer should continue to see strong demand but remember, like oil, POT is a commodity play as you mentioned potash prices getting killed etc. Be ready to ride out commodity price storms form time to time. Never heard of High Liner but I do like the sector it’s in. I just added to my GIS and am looking at more HRL too. Food staples tend to solid over the long haul. Thanks for sharing.
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    • Thanks Div, yeah potash would be a long term buy. Yeah after seeing your post and everyone asking why I dont have u.s stocks I have been looking into GIS, like I said I love my honey nut cheerios daily. Just don’t know if the conversion is worth it at the moment.

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