Life’s A Filmstrip

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  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    I do agree that life is like a filmstrip… to a certain extent. The filmstrip is like the past that we can’t change, but the future is like a digital camera and we can change if we wanted to. We can edit the movie by choosing which part that we want to be a part of the movie and which part we don’t.
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  2. Great message here. And it is true, you can always create a different slide in the future. How many great movies started with the same plot it started with anyway? It looks like you and your wife were able to sit down, have the tough talks, and develop a plan that works for the two of you. Sadly, the people on Facebook that you reference for some reason are hesitant to have those difficult conversations that will turn their lives in a positive spin.

    Thanks for the read tonight!


  3. Some friends got together from college this weekend and it’s always so interesting to me how people ended up. We were all at one time poor broke college students and now we’re in completely stages of life. Each of us has worked hard but have been rewarded differently. Some became teachers and have the reward of teaching the next generation while others are in silicon valley change technology. But like I said it’s super interesting to see how life turns out 🙂
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