Why Everyone Should Have a Website

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  1. Congrats on the quick success. I definitely didn’t have the same success level when I started and I definitely make $10 my first month. Great job and keep up the awesome work.

    • That’s even more motivation. Look at how great your site has become. Sorry I haven’t made 10$ yet. Maybe I should re word it. Was trying to imply every dollar counts so even 10 bucks adds up.

  2. Leo T. Ly says:

    That’s really great. It seems like you have got the hang of monetizing your blog. For me, I still have a bit of work to do on this front.

    You’re right, the first step is to get started.

  3. It does make it easier to track your results and stay accountable for your goals and actions by posting them for all to see. The community seems to be ever growing with new blogs popping up daily bringing in new ideas and enthusiasm. Congrats on the blog and joining the DGI community.

  4. Great first month. I’m excited to see where you take this! Are you part of the BlueHost affiliate program?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well – looking forward to your future content

    P.S. love the Pitbull reference

    • Haha thanks Erik. I looked into the blue host but I needed a us tax form. I honestly don’t know what that is. Plus this is primary a Canadian site so I thought a canadian provider might be better anyways.

  5. DivGuy says:

    I agree with you so much! I’m currently able to travel across Central America because I have websites. I have to work while I travel, but I can finance my one year trip with my family. I started like you: it took me 6 months to make my first $100. Everything is possible once you are online!

  6. Athi says:

    You have a new follower.
    🙂 Great blog. I moved to Canada 2 years ago as a student. Graduating next year, hopefully I could use some of your tips to save money and live frugally!

    • Rob says:

      hey Athi
      Welcome to Canada (altho you have been here 2 years now)

      Best of luck in school. Glad that my site can help people and hopefully learn from my mistakes.

      thanks for the follow. It’s those little Pat’s on the back that keep me going.


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