You Tube – Finance Series

You Tube – Finance Series

Welcome to my finance series, as I have mentioned before I used to invest heavily into precious metals. I tracked and posted videos about the metals I bought and advice I came across, kinda like this blog. You can choose to surf my channel or check out a couple videos I feel are relevant to this blog.

March 2011 we started the process of the debt snowball (Dave Ramsey). Basically you list your debts lowest to largest and then pay them off in that order ignoring the interest rates to get the momentum of the minimum payments. September 2013 we finished and were debt free. This is our video and debt free scream haha.

I Created 6 videos I felt would help or educate people with their finances. Called my Wealth Series.

#1 – be Dutch.

Now I understand some people don’t understand Dutch being cheap but I have heard it numerous times. Being a Dutch Canadian I enjoy the saying, just means we watch our money.

#2 – Learn

Simply put. I made good money but didn’t respect it until I started reading and putting into action what I grasped.

#3 – Pay off your Debt

All your minimum payments add up. Give yourself a raise and get rid of them. Once I wrote it down, we were shocked how much wasted money per month was escaping our account.

#4 – Know What Your Worth

How can you track how you are doing without a net worth statement? Sure you can have a idea, but make it official!

#5 – Wheres Your Money Going?

Budget and track your finances. This was a huge tool while paying off debt, but personally we don’t do it anymore. Either way its great to see where your money is going. The first one I did was shocking how much we spent on fast food. We cut that down really fast!

#6 – Life’s Short, Enjoy it

Money is not everything. Enjoy it too, you worked hard for it.

That’s all the videos I did at the time clearly there is none on investing. Possible next video? Feel free to check out our current Portfolio of dividend stocks




Hey I’m Rob, creator of Passive Canadian Income.

In 2011 me and my wife had almost $60,000 in debt and a negative $7,000 Net Worth. Through hard work and financial education we paid all that off. Now we are focusing on increasing our Passive Income Streams to make the money work for us. Feel Free to Follow along the Journey!

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