January 2017 Dividends

Dividends we received in the month of January

We also Received $250.00 Cash Back from my credit card this month. I consider this passive income because we did nothing for it. This was my first year of having a Cashback Card, I highly recommend you make the switch. ($250 is the max my card gives per yr) Remember to pay the balances off before you get charged interest each month.

  • Dividends Year To Date Total – $59.42
  • Other Passive Income Year to date – $ 250.00
  • Total Passive Gains for 2017 —– $309.42
  • Year End Goal – $2000.00 ——–%15.47 so far

We increased our net worth 24.73% over last month (big increase in value of house, I only update rough value of house at beginning of year)

Our purchases the month of January

$1000 Contributed to our emergency Fund.

  • 20 shares of Qsr ( Restaurant brands International)  for $1306

The 1.4% dividend sucks, but burger king is my favorite fast food and Tim Horton’s is a cash cow. There are always lineups at the drive thru

  • 29 shares of Bei.un (Boardwalk reit) for $1401

4.7% dividend is nice and decided to get some residential real estate if rates go up they can raise their rents faster then long term leases


Unfortunately we live in a time where I have to put something like this. I am not a professional at finances. The stocks and views i have are my own, please do your own research before buying or selling any stocks. Stuff people post on the chat forum is their own view and I can not be held liable for their views or opinions. All images on my site are my own and can be used with permission only.

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