February 2017 Dividends

Updated February 22nd.


What a great month so far.

With the purchase we made of more Enbridge stocks we have hit the proposed $1000 total in annual dividends. This is a pretty big mark and is definitely exciting to see. =)

So far 4 of our stocks have announced they will increase their annual dividend

  • Manulife financial raised their dividend 11%
  • Enbridge raised theirs 10%
  • Brookfield Renewables increased theirs 5%
  • Restaurant Brands also hiked the quarterly dividend this week to u.s .18 per share vs previous .17 share

Gotta love dividends!

So far these companies have paid us this month

  • National Bank – $20.16
  • Potash of Sask – $5.91
  • Riocan              – $7.05
  • Altagas             – $5.30
  • Extendicare       – $3.12
  • Sienna Senior    – $2.40
  • Auto Propertys – $3.62
  • Boardwalk Reit – $5.44
  • Shaw                 -$2.17

Total so far     = $55.17


  • I sold our position in Hydro one for a slight gain of 3% plus dividends over the yr. This was one of my original holdings and really wasn’t doing to much. Ontario’s hydro bills are insanely expensive and finally Wynne is “noticing”. With this months  bill their were some reductions in charges. I think if the liberals don’t continue to reduce these delivery charges and hydro rates. Next election this will be a hot topic and tip the scales to another parties favor, ultimately reducing rates. I like Brookfield renewable more so I moved the money over there. Give or take $550 total.


We Purchased

  • 1000$ towards emergency fund
  • 26 additional shares of Enbridge for $1474

$3.00 of their 52 week high is not ideal, but I have wanted to add more Enbridge for awhile. If all go’s good and Enbridge purchases Spectrum energy the combination will create the largest energy infrastructure company in North America and one of the largest globally. I consider it to be a core holding. Basically buy this and hold until retirement.

  •  56 more Stocks of Brookfield Renewable for $2211

I’m a little skeptic of the dividend currently, but I believe Brookfield will make another acquisition to continue the dividend at current rates. Renewable’s are the future and are great for the environment, so I love investing in this stuff. Fantastic dividend as well =)


Unfortunately we live in a time where I have to put something like this. I am not a professional at finances. The stocks and views i have are my own, please do your own research before buying or selling any stocks. Stuff people post on the chat forum is their own view and I can not be held liable for their views or opinions. All images on my site are my own and can be used with permission only.

2 thoughts on “February 2017 Dividends”

  1. Enbridge is definitely a great core holding. I had an opportunity to buy a couple hundred shares when I was at about $40 last year. I am kicking myself now as I did not backup the truck to load more when I had my chance. I just sold a naked put option for Enbridge with a strike price of $50 that expire on January 2018. I would love to buy it cheaper, if not, then I get to collect $2/share (on three contracts) of free money.

    1. Hey Leo

      I bought my first position of enbridge back when it was like 40$ It was hard to add when its up 25% year to date. Long term tho. I havent done any puts or calls but interested. Just haven’t read up enough on them.

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