Current Tfsa Portfolio

Here’s a list of the current stocks we currently own in our Tfsa


  • M = Monthly Dividend
  • JAJO = January, April, July, October Dividend
  • FMAN = February, May, August, November Dividend
  • MJSD = March, June, September, December Dividend

I try to diversify our Portfolio by sectors, since we aren’t to diversified geographically.

We have no Consumer Defensive or Technology stocks at the moment, because i haven’t found one with a decent yield. If you have any suggestions please let me know



Unfortunately we live in a time where i have to put something like this. I am not a professional at finances. The stocks and views i have are my own, please do your own research before buying or selling any stocks. Dividends are not guaranteed, the dividend payout months could change. Stuff people post on the comment board is their own view and I can not be held liable for their views or opinions. All images on my site are my own and can be used with permission only.


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