Like I said at the beginning I love reading about finances, business, self help and biography’s. Here is a list of my favorites as well as a link to amazon to purchase them if you wish =) Or you can Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks!

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The first book i actually read about finances was Dave Ramsey’s – Total Money Makeover. This book definitely changed our lives for the better. Ive drank the juice and joined the cult. Dave explains a great system to eliminate your debt and simplify your finances with his baby steps. This is a must read if you have debt and have decided to work towards financial freedom. By Far my most recommended book. Also listen to his podcasts free on your phone!

Another Dave Ramsey book? Who is this guy? Like i said I’ve drank the juice =) This ones about business, how he started from nothing and created his empire. Ive used a lot of things for our company and its has paid dividends, well not literally heh……. Ive read almost all Dave and crews books. I think that podcast works on me all day

The Wealthy Barber – David Chilton
A Hometown Author from Ontario as well. This book is written like a story, so its a very easy read. Biggest thing i got is to pay yourself first. So simple, but i wasn’t doing it. Personally i like this one more then his new book.

The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko
A book full of facts, most millionaires live way below their means. Reminds you to save and not try to show off to people. I can honestly say the richest clients i have, don’t really drive fancy cars and look like average people.

Anthony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within
If you like self help and motivation people I’m sure you have heard of him. This was a great book, i read this years ago and still try to live with C.A.N.I – Continuous And Nonstop Improvements. I have his money book too but haven’t read that one yet.

Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson
Oh man, this was a big read for me. People didn’t think i could do it. 600 plus pages. I loved it and probably spent half our trip to Bahamas reading it. Steve was a character and changed the world as we know it. Its fascinating to hear about all his stories growing up and how he changed/created the computer, phones, tablets and even animation. This book makes me want to read more biographies I think i’m going to read the Elon Musk book soon, as he is also changing the way things go as well. Solar Tiles and electric cars For The win!

Multiple Streams of Income – Robert G Allen Multiple Streams of Internet Income – Robert G Allen

After reading these books I made this site. Simple as that, results! Great reads he teaches and explains various ways to make passive income and how to help you make money online. *Nudge Nudge* haha

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