A Little About Myself

A Little About Myself

I’m a 34yr old male loving life, happily married to my better half. We have a mini me and a dog living in Ontario Canada. I’m  a Landscaper and she’s in the health care field. Our household income is probably average for a dual income family. I’m a true Maple Leaf and Blue Jays fan and a bandwagon jumper with the Raptors. They got a good team I just cant watch basketball, playing it is fun tho.


In march 2011 I started reading about finances and got convinced to pay off all our debts. At the time we were just over 60k in debt with minimum payments totaling approximately $1600 (not including house). We had a net worth of negative 7k. Yes you did read that right -7K…… We owned a house at that time as well. Both of us did the Dave Ramsey system and after 2 years, WE WERE DEBT FREE!

I continue to read a lot of  finance and business books. I generally read a book a month. Feel free to check out my book recommendations as I will be updating it periodically. If you have a book that you would recommend let me know and I will do my best to check it out.

Precious Metals

Between now and the time we were debt free I was really under the belief that the financial system was going to somewhat implode, as they keep printing money. So I wasn’t into the stocks yet. We bought physical precious metals monthly. I remember buying some silver the day the U.S. assassinated Osama Bin Laden. The next day precious metals plummeted. That was a eye opener and I realized as much as I liked the physical aspect of it, there was no return on investment.

Dividend Stocks

We have been buying dividend stocks for just over a year now and placing them into our tfsa. I realize the market will pull back from these highs. Do I know when? No but hopefully by buying great companies that pay a dividend we will continue getting a dividend while they recover and I can buy their stocks cheaper.


(Created February 2017)

  •  To generate $2000 in passive income by December 31, 2017 – %95.87 so far
  •  To develop a passive yearly income stream of $7500 by the end of 2019
  •  By 2025 muster up 20,000 annually in dividends and other passive income
  • Create a new income stream by the end of this year. Currently only 3 – Employment income(me)(her) and Dividends. Ads and Affiliates?

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  1. MrSLM says:

    Go Leafs! I’m from Toronto, although since I live in Montreal I should probably root for the Habs.

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