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For probably a year I have been following a couple different bloggers and they have taught me a lot and helped guide/inspire me. In no particular order here they are.

Canada FlagCanadian’s

Passive Canadian Income – This guy is the man, he’s just starting out but you can follow him right from the start of his financial journey. He doesn’t know everything, but from what I hear he makes up for it with his looks =) (btw this is a joke, its my site)

Million Dollar Journey – Follow him as he made his way to over a million net worth. Full of content and a great read.

Finance Journey – I think this is the original blog I found and started following from the start. I enjoyed watching his monthly dividends piling in and learned from his portfolio.

I Saved 5k – LEO! haha At the moment one of my only commenters. There isn’t many people actually commenting when they swing by and I appreciate it. His site is great and you will love his series titled – The six steps to saving a million dollars.

Screaming Little Man – A Canadian couple sharing their adventure as they have progressed to a portfolio with a value of over 750k. They give a little update of what they have been up to each month as well. Check them out!

U.S.A flag

U.S Bloggers

Mustard Seed – His site is full of insight, probably does 2-3 posts a week. A popular site and great member of the community.

Those are the main blogs I check out at least monthly, sometimes by stealth which I’m trying to change. Comments always feel good and I’ll try to say something when I view your site. Any sites I’m missing? Let me know, always creeping for a new great blog to follow.

Want me to add you to the list? Possibly but please link me back somewhere on your page as well.




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  1. I’m familiar with a couple of names on your list but always looking for new bloggers to check out. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I follow FT on MDJ too. His journey to save a million dollar inspired me to save my million dollar and to write a little series to show that the average person can do it too. Hopefully, I’ll read about your story too PCI.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I’ll check these out – I didn’t know about them! 🙂

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