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Got to love the financial blogging community. It keeps me motivated and inspires me to do better! Also can learn something new everyday. Check some of them out.

Canada FlagCanadian’s

I Saved 5k

Finance Journey

Million Dollar Journey

Screaming Little Man

U.S.A flag

U.S Bloggers

Captain Dividend


Dividend Diplomat’s

Dividend Geek

Dividend Portfolio


Mustard Seed



Dividend Hawk

Dividend Solutions

The Dutch Lakehouse


Those are the main blogs I check out at least monthly, sometimes by stealth which I’m trying to change. Comments always feel good and I’ll try to say something when I view your site. Any sites I’m missing? Let me know, always creeping for a new great blog to follow.

Want me to add you to the list? Possibly but please link me back somewhere on your page as well.




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16 Responses

  1. I’m familiar with a couple of names on your list but always looking for new bloggers to check out. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I follow FT on MDJ too. His journey to save a million dollar inspired me to save my million dollar and to write a little series to show that the average person can do it too. Hopefully, I’ll read about your story too PCI.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I’ll check these out – I didn’t know about them! 🙂

  4. WL says:

    Positive vibes floating around here! I’ll surely post a link to your canadian bit of the internet!

  5. DivHut says:

    Tank you for the addition of DivHut to your blog roll! Much appreciated.
    DivHut recently posted…June 2017 Stock ConsiderationsMy Profile

  6. Just added you to my list of resources PCI. Hopefully you can do the same. Regardless, great blog man.
    Dividend Portfolio recently posted…I’m Getting A DivorceMy Profile

  7. Hey PCI,

    great blog – i’ll add you to my blogroll in the next days. If it’s possible that you add my blog to your international section it would be cool.


  8. Helen777 says:

    Hello! You may want consider posting your blog updates in a Facebook group called Canadian Dividend Investing.

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